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Trachey Hints

Date of article 23.05.2011

Number 1 hint - The best hint of all is "DON'T PANIC". In an emergency a clear head is a great tool. Also remember all information found here is from our   read more...

Metal Trachey Hints

Date of article 23.05.2011

Cleaning - It's best to clean the trachey site each time you change the inner tube, so the dry crusty secretion build up is kept to a minimum.

ET tube & not  

Oh No! The Trachey Fell Out

Date of article 03.03.2011

On two different occasions & both on Aucklands motorways Bodees' Trachey came out. The worst one was when I was in the fast lane at spaghetti junction with no where to go, Bodee coughed & his Trachey tie must have been too loose & the Trachey popped out, so I had to pull to the right   read more...


Date of article 16.02.2011

Having had two children with Trachies(Tracheotomy is the operation, Tracheostomy is the actual Trachey in the throat) we know a fair bit about them. When our son Bodee was about to get his, it was the scariest thing, but after he had it we realised what a great thing it was. The Doctors &   read more...