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CPR - Resuscitation Of A Trachey Child

Date of article 26.01.2003

1) You have found your child not breathing: Lie child on back & stimulate by moving & yelling.

2) No response & not breathing: Deep suction quickly.

3) No response & not breathing: Dial 111 & call an ambulance, then breath 5 slow breaths into trachey using valve & blocking off nose & mouth.

4) If you cannot see the chest rising & falling with your breaths the trachey may be blocked: Perform emergency trachey tube change.

5) Still not breathing: Breath 5 slow breaths using valve & blocking off nose & mouth. Then check for pulse on inner upper arm

6) No pulse present: Commence CPR - for a baby, 5 compressions to 1 breath & the spot is center& align the nipples.

7) Continue CPR until the ambulance arrives.