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NG Tube & Mic-Key Button

Date of article 18.02.2011

NG Tube Or Mic-Key Button? That's an easy question to answer if your child is going to have medium to long term feeding issues, definitely the Mic-Key button or "Gastrostomy". Out of our two children(well, we actually had three) only Kayla needed a Gastrostomy. She started off with an NG(nasil gastric) tube, which was fine for feeding but it was a little bit of a hassle putting it in & boy did people notice it but it did work well & if Kayla only need feeding assistance for a short period we would have stuck with that. But in her case it was never going to be a short term thing & the Mic-Key was the better option & it's been great. She had an operation to create a hole in her stomach where we insert the button. She has had it since about 2004. We connect a 60ml syringe to it with a extension set & take the syringe plunger out, then fill the syringe & let gravity do the rest, they call it a bolus feed. Each Mic-Key button lasts for about 6 months & then we have to replace it at home. They sometimes even fall out if they have burst on the inside & have had to insert a cathida into the hole so it didn't close up till we got her home to change it.