auriculo condylar syndrome


Oh No! The Trachey Fell Out

Date of article 03.03.2011

On two different occasions & both on Aucklands motorways Bodees' Trachey came out. The worst one was when I was in the fast lane at spaghetti junction with no where to go, Bodee coughed & his Trachey tie must have been too loose & the Trachey popped out, so I had to pull to the right in a small clear area & put the Trachey back in. Thank goodness there were no police about that day.

But seriously if this happens to you the most important thing to do is get the Trachey back in as quick as possible. Be sure not to panic, be calm. If some time has passed to when you noticed it was out & the hole(stoma) is closing up, you will have to use the little forceps that you should have been given to keep in your Trachey kit, & open the hole with them. Don't be shy, yes your child may scream a little or there may be some blood, but the important thing is to get it back in. If there is some blood keep suctioning it away & contact your Doctor.