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What is an Exit Procedure

Date of article 23.03.2008

What is an Exit Procedure? Good question. I hadn't heard of it until we needed one for the birth of our daughter Kayla. You can view the photos of it here. Anyway an Exit Procedure is when the Surgeon performs a caesarian but before the baby is removed from Mum & before the umbilical cord is cut he inserts a temporary airline so the baby will breathe from a machine until his or her airway can be fixed. In our case with Kayla with her almost non existant jaw was fixed by her having a Tracheotomy at 6 hours old. If this or a similar procedure had not been preformed Kayla would most likely have died. It was certainly a life saver. I have thanked the team that achieved this elseware on this site but I must say it again, thanks everyone. There have been very few of these done here in NZ, but I'm sure the other parents a thankful as well. It would be great to here from anyone else who has been through it. Check out the Exit procedure gallery