auriculo condylar syndrome


Trachey Kids Site Summary

Tarchey Kids is a New Zealand based family web site, which aims to assist other families with Trachies, Gastrostomy & Distraction conditions. We have had two children with Tracheotomies so have a good perception on what people go through in this situation. We are pro Trachies as they saved our kids lives.

On this site we supply a history of our children's operations, treatments & up and downs on their journey with their syndrome DYSGNATHIA COMPLEX or also known as AURICULO CHONDYLAR SYNDROME

There are plenty of photo galleries which are very graphic, so if you don't like the site of blood we recommend you don't view them.


Things You Will Find On Site

  • Trachey Hints
  • Gastrostomy Hints
  • CPR For A Trachey Child
  • Galleries
  • Trachey Friends - People who have similar issues to this site or are extraordinary in some way
  • Articles
  • Links medical
  • Links to sites like ours
We hope you find the site useful. If you want to contact us feel free. We know a trachey can be a scary thing but we also know how great it is too.